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Houston Credit Repair Experts Reveal 3 Tips For Boosting Your Score

houston credit repair experts

Your credit score is based on a range of factors, and it can mean the difference between getting a good interest rate on your mortgage or not. If you’re planning to buy a home soon and want to know how to boost your credit score before applying, get in touch with the  credit repair experts at The Kredit Lab. They can reveal three tips you may not have considered for boosting your score – fast and effectively!

Tip 1 - Check your Credit Report

Checking your credit report is the first step you should take when you’re looking to boost your score. credit repair experts suggest ordering a report from major credit bureaus – Boost. This will give you a complete picture of your credit history and help you identify any errors that may be dragging down your score.

Make Your Payments on Time: One of the biggest factors in your credit score is payment history. You’ll want to avoid missing payments or paying late as much as possible. That’s why it’s important to set up auto-pay so there are no surprises when it comes time for monthly payments. credit repair experts also recommend setting up text alerts with your bank so you know right away if there are any problems with your account.

Tip 2 - Add Positive Information

You can add positive information to your credit report by disputing negative items and ensuring that all of your accounts are up to date. This will help boost your score and show potential lenders that you’re a responsible borrower.
Use a Secured Credit Card: A secured credit card is a great way to rebuild your credit history. This type of card requires a deposit, which acts as your credit limit. The funds for the deposit can come from any source such as a bank account or cashier’s check. If you keep the balance below the limit on the card, it will eventually build your credit score. It’s important to note that interest rates for these cards tend to be higher than other types of cards so it’s important not to let balances accrue on them.

Tip 3 - Remove Negative Information

If you have negative information on your credit report, you can try to remove it by disputing it with the credit bureau. The credit bureau will then investigate your claim and remove the negative information if it finds that your claim is valid. This can be a time-consuming process, but it’s worth it if it boosts your credit score. Plus, the information will stay off of your credit report for up to 7 years after removal.

Get A Second Opinion: Sometimes the FICO score from one company doesn’t match what another company reports. To ensure accuracy, get a second opinion from an independent source such as myFICO or WalletHub for free. They’ll give you their assessment of how likely it is that you’ll qualify for loans at different interest rates and terms, which can help make good decisions about your finances.

Check Your Credit Report Regularly: You can also check your credit report every year to see where you stand financially and make sure that everything is accurate.

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