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Kredit Lab Investment Plans

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TKL Resoration & Rebuilding Plan

(Single Payment Option)
$99.00 Administration / Enrollment Fee
$600.00 Restoration Program Service Fee
$699.00 Due to Start Service
(Split Payment Option)
Initial Payment of $300 + $99.00 Enrollment Fee Due to Start Service
Second Payment of $300 Due in 30 Days
  • FREE Kredit Review
  • Kredit Analysis
  • Kredit Audit
  • Kredit Consultation
  • Credit Bureau Disputing
  • Creditor Disputing
  • Kredit Re-Building Action Plan
  • On- Going Kredit Education
  • 3 FREE Bureau Audit-Analysis
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • Customer Service Support
  • Semi - Monthly Updates
  • 2 FREE 15 Minute Consultation Check-Ins
  • No Hassle Cancellation
  • No Contracts

TKL Add-On , Ala Carte &
Bundle Services

Select your desired service
Each service is billed seperately
  • Kredit Review - $Free
  • Kredit Analysis - $50
  • Kredit Audit - $50
  • Kredit Consultation - $150
  • Kredit Re-Building Action Plan - $100
  • Free Customer Service Support
Disclosure: Please Read
It is REQUIRED that every client keep their kredit monitoring subscription active for the duration of your Kredit Program. Kredit Monitoring is being offered through our partner Smart Credit for $24.95 a month. Sign up HERE.
All plans can continue month to month should you still desire to have any additional work performed after t your agreement expires.

TKL Resoration & Rebuilding Plan

The Kredit Lab offers Credit Restoration, Education and Rebuilding program that helps families and individuals get their “Buying Power Back”! With our robust services you can choose Ala Carte services or sign on for the complete program. In the restoration program, we will perform a thorough review of your credit reports from all 3 Major Bureaus, perform a credit audit, analysis, provide a 15-minute consultation to advise of our recommendations and create a comprehensive action plan to help you reach your credit goals. During this process we will work diligently to remove inaccurate, erroneous, unverifiable, and negative items from your report(s) while coaching you on rebuilding positive credit to improve your credit health. We will be your voice and fight the Bureau Bullies on your behalf.

You are required to maintain the recommended credit monitoring program while in this program as it helps us streamline your updates and results in one cohesive system. There is a one-time administrative/enrollment fee of $99.00 plus the program service fee to get started.  There is no long-term contracts with our program and services will cease on the 181st day of your start date. If you wish to continue after the initial 6 months, you will be billed $100.00 a month. Just let our Team know and we will extend your service. 

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You are welcome to stay as long as you need or desire and move on when you have reached the desired credit score you were seeking. Every client’s credit profile and behavior Is different so, there is no one size fit all solutions when it comes to credit restoration. Our team will make every effort to set the appropriate expectations for each client based on their unique credit profile. 

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