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improve your credit score

FREE Kredit Scan

We will provide a complimentary Kredit Scan to access your credit report and advise of what needs to be done to help improve your credit profile. With an interactive FICO® Score tracker, you can visualize your progress over time and get alerted about changes to your score or credit rating.

FREE Kredit Recommendation

Our Kredit Experts will schedule a call with you to provide our professional recommendations as to what the next steps will be to start improving your credit and helping you get your “Buying Power Back”!
You will get customized alerts about new inquiries and accounts, changes in personal information and suspicious activity detected on your credit report when you maintain your credit monitoring account.
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Kredit Consultations

Our Kredit Consultations are designed to review your credit habits, help you understand your credit report, what’s affecting your scores, and what actions we will take to help improve your overall credit report. We require Credit monitoring during your program as it helps you to spot inaccuracies in your credit report that could be the result of identity theft and negatively affect your score.

Kredit Action Plans

Once we have reviewed your credit report with you we customize an Action Plan based on your unique credit profile. Since no two reports are exactly the same, it is necessary that we customize your plan that will bring you the best possible results to improve your scores and ultimately save you money and get you the credit & financial freedom you deserve. Your credit report shows all your unpaid and pending payments along with their dates and number of days overdue. When a lender goes through your credit report, they get an idea about your financial management skills and may reject your loan application…
We will help you look GOOD in the eyes of Lenders and Creditors, so they smile at your profile to stamp you APPROVED!
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Kredit Analysis

The credit analysis process involves a thorough review of your credit accounts, balances, account status, negative accounts, positive accounts, open and closed dates as well as the creditor name and information. We use this information to start formulating a plan of which accounts will need to be disputed on your behalf. We will discuss these accounts with you during your Kredit Consultation.

Kredit Audit

We perform a Credit Audit to highlight all accounts that will be disputed based on the Credit Analysis and Consultation. This is the next step right before we start to Stage your account for Disputing.
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Kredit Staging

Every client’s profile is staged prior to disputing to ensure more effective and optimal results are obtain once the disputing process begins. This involves preparing your file section by section to ensure we have captured every item that requires disputing and clean up any areas that require actions prior to the disputing process.

Kredit Disputing

Once all scans, consultations, analysis, audits, staging and restoration agreements have been completed, we start the disputing process which is done in rounds. Rounds are generally completed within 30 days from the date of the first dispute. Clients typically receive feedback, letters, possibly phone calls sometimes from creditors. It is imperative that you speak with us prior to responding to any creditor/collector reaching out to you.
Disputes are an important tool to take control of your credit health and get your Buying Power Back!
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Kredit Restoration

Credit restoration is a way to “repair” or delete some of your bad credit history to improve your overall credit score. This is done by disputing the information on your credit report that is inaccurate, erroneous, or mistakenly reported on your credit that has negatively impacted your credit scores and credit health. (These ITEMS need to be REMOVED)
That’s what The Kredit Lab Financial Solutions, LLC will help you achieve.

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